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info source: Rivoli, Pietra. The Travels of a T-shirt in the Global Economy. Wiley. 2005.



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Without fixing on an exact number, I decided to use as few things as comfortably possible for a week and assess my real, material needs. On day one, I combed through my apartment, sorting anything that I haven’t used in the last year into three bags: donate, sell, or toss. This purge changed the landscape of my bathroom cabinet, leaving just thirteen of my items in the whole room, three of which were make-up. In the kitchen, I selected another ten items, appliances excluded, to use for the week, and set them aside in the bottom cupboard with a note instructing my roommates not to touch. I decided to boycott the living room altogether during the experimental week; I never used it much anyways. In my bedroom, I gathered the books and supplies I would need for the week: nine items. This number excludes the fixtures in my room like my pillow, my printer, and my rug, which total thirty-seven items, my thirty books, and twenty-two art supplies. After clearing out the receipts and gum wrappers, I left the fourteen items in my purse untouched.

Confronting the biggest challenge last, I  then edited my week’s wardrobe to ten items, (socks and underwear excluded) that I deemed the most versatile: a coat, a pair of jeans, stockings, a pair of boots, a dress, two sweaters, a blouse, a skirt, and a tank top. Since my goal with this experiment is to evaluate the minimalist, self-denying ideal of Strobel against practicality and my own sense of social norms, I decided that my imposed restrictions were subject to exceptions, say if I had an unexpected dinner guest, or if the weather dictated rain boots.

T H I N G S  I  D I D N’ T  N E E D :

Pounds of clothing donated to the Salvation Army on 4th Avenue: 9.5

-Number of books I sold on Amazon and their value, respectively: 8, $41

-Value of two coats and two pairs of shoes I sold at Beacon’s Closet: $21

-Ratio of toiletries I tossed to those I kept: 3:1

-Ratio of plastic food containers in my apartment to people: 4:1

-Pounds of paper and plastic recycled: 7